Who are we?

"The name Eqeep comes from the English word keep - the strongest and most secure part of a medieval castle, or a safe haven, a solid building with a foundation."

Eqeep is an IT service provider that advises and supports companies in their digital transformation. Together with DeepValue, part of the Eqeep Group, we offer companies a competitive edge by using digital technologies to optimize business processes so they stay ahead in their business.

By mapping out the processes using a digital twin of the organization, Eqeep can not only identify the bottlenecks but also determine the effect of the necessary changes before implementing solutions. We focus particularly on the food & beverage, manufacturing, and (field) service management industries.

Eqeep is certified IFS Gold and Channel Partner

Gold-certified partner

Eqeep is also a certified Gold Service and Channel Partner and the most experienced system integrator in the Netherlands for IFS, a global supplier of business software. Eqeep has also been declared ‘IFS Service Partner of the Year’ in 2016 and in 2018. In addition, Eqeep can also provide highly experienced IT personnel - from programmers to project managers - whether on a fixed or temporary basis.

Why Eqeep?

Eqeep was founded because we want to offer organizations a competitive advantage by optimizing business processes with digital technologies. The underlying principle is that we are convinced that there is a better, faster, and cheaper way to help organizations implement complex business systems. IT does not have to be complicated and time-consuming like it was in the nineties. Modern business solutions instead consist of standard software components, an agile project approach, clear communication, and great people, which save you time and money and enable you to outperform your competition.

What we do

Eqeep specializes in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), and Enterprise Service Management, (ESM) for which we typically deploy IFS solutions. We are known for our agility, which is made possible by our experts, and the unique features of the IFS enterprise software, which consists of standard modules and is built on the collective experience of tens of thousands of customers. With these modules, we can cover the vast majority ( to over 90% percent) of your needs by default. We handle the entire implementation process, from strategic consulting, analysis, and optimization, to licensing, building solutions, implementation, and offering various support services, such as hosting, cloud, and managed services.

Eqeep is the most effective partner for

Enterprise Resource Planning

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Built around four core processes: Service and Asset Management Service and Asset Management includes Full Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) and Field Service Management (FSM). IFS Service Management is a full service life cycle management solution for every service provider. Whether you are providing service in the field, in a plant,...
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Eqeep as your partner in digital transformation

“We help companies increase their competitive advantage, by analyzing, organizing and simplifying their value chain through digital transformation. With our customer and solution focused approach we enable our customers to achieve their business goals.”