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Industrial engineering
5.001 - 10.000

TEAM UK is focused on industrial services. The company specialises in various activities, such as Leak Repair, Field Machining, Technical Bolting, Hot Tapping, Line Stops, Pipe Freezing, Emissions Control, Composite Repair, Safety Valve Testing, Tube Plugging and Turnaround Services. These services are offered both onshore and offshore.

TEAM UK is the global leader in minimising equipment and asset downtime and maximising performance by providing critical services to customers.

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Case: what is the current situation?

Originally TEAM UK, previously known as Hertel Valve & Rotating Services (HVRS), was a Hertel subsidiary. In 2014 the American company TEAM Industrial Services decided to purchase the subsidiary. An important first step after the acquisition was ensuring the continuity of the company. Several options were considered. Ultimately a carve-out of the IFS installation used by HVRS turned out to be the best option.

In addition TEAM UK was in need of a suitable business partner to manage all IFS related services. The solution for TEAM UK had to be flexible. From the perspective of TEAM’s U.S. headquarters, the ideal situation was to create a hosted environment for hosting and IFS Apps, managed by a single service provider. Within this environment IFS Apps 7 and Total Asset Management (TAM) had to be installed.

IFS partner Eqeep was approached for this assignment. Eqeep agreed to be the sole service providing partner TEAM UK was looking for. In the carve-out phase Eqeep took responsibility for the entire project, including project management, setting up a hosted environment, installing and verifying IFS Apps 7 in the hosted environment and monitoring and managing all subcontractors.

Requirements: which demands have to be met by the application?

TEAM UK required a hosted environment, managed by a single hosting and IFS Apps service provider. IFS Apps 7 and TAM applications had to be installed within this environment. A project was initiated to meet these requirements. The project consisted of several actions.

The first step was to create an analysis to identify all requirements for the hosted environment. All necessary data for the size of the servers and the requirements for connecting the system had to be collected.

IFS consultants visited TEAM UK to see how the IFS Application was used within the organisation. This information was crucial for mapping out TEAM UK’s operational processes. Getting to know the processes within the organisation was very helpful in solving IFS related problems initiated by key-users. After the technical installation of IFS Apps 7 the TAM application was linked to the IFS application.

The service agreement now offers the possibility to submit IFS related problems to the Eqeep Service Desk. Problems are investigated and solved by qualified IFS consultants with relevant knowledge regarding the related domain. Monitoring performance and solving issues related to the hosting environment, especially the IFS applications, is Eqeep’s responsibility. 

Results: what are the benefits of the implementation?

The implementation of the services at TEAM UK has resulted in a stable working IFS Apps 7, with a closely connected TAM application, in a hosted environment with five database servers, two application servers and one terminal server. This environment is monitored and managed by Eqeep. Until TEAM UK terminates the service contract the overall responsibility for the hosted environment remains with Eqeep.

Experience: looking back on working with Eqeep

The cooperation between TEAM UK and Eqeep worked well, as did the transition itself. TEAM was satisfied with the results. TEAM’s Commercial Director Annette Salter noted that she had never experienced a smoother transition.

“I have never experienced a smoother transition than this one. The project deliverables were finalised in time and with good results. After the carve-out, users stated that the support on issues was handled accurate. This has led to an application still being used while it was scheduled to phase out in 2018.” - Annette Salter, Commercial Director TEAM UK.

Furthermore the fact that Eqeep, being the sole supplier of IFS services, acted as the only point of contact during the project was widely appreciated.

Finally, TEAM was pleased that day-to-day business activities could continue during the project. When the size of the servers and the requirements for connecting the systems were known, installation of the hosted environment and technical installation was completed. The verification of the application was performed off-site and on-site by Eqeep consultants. In a later stage functional tests were carried out by the key users of TEAM UK. The project was fully executed within the agreed timeframe.

Future: what’s next?

The IFS system was scheduled to be closed in 2018. Eqeep was supposed to help with data migration to the new application while also ensuring that historical data was protected. Currently TEAM UK is still using IFS due to the stability of the application and the well organised support structure. As a result the need for a shutdown is no longer urgent. The service agreement is still active and issues are regularly recorded and taken care of. The IFS Apps 7 application is unlikely to be upgraded in the future, but will be maintained as long as it is well supported and the right fit for TEAM UK’s organisation.

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