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Whether you manage large types of assets in industries such as infrastructure, energy and utilities or properties, you will most likely be involved in delivering projects and maintaining or services assets and facilities. We offer project and asset centered solutions and industry specific functionality such as contract (change) management and equipment rental and hire.

  • Contract management
  • Progress based billing
  • Modular and offsite capabilities
  • Project delivery performance
  • Digital asset life cycle and BIM

Integrated project and asset management

It can be hard  for construction and engineering companies to find the right software solution. Most ERP solutions are a poor fit for project- and asset-centric businesses. Our solution includes features like sales and contract management, contract change management, progress-based billing, sub contractor management and offsite/modular construction capabilities.

Integrated Project Life Cycle

In order to deliver quality projects on time, within budget and with minimum risk, companies need to be have predictable and consistent data-driven project delivery performance and processes. With our integrated Project Life Cycle solution we enable predictable project delivery performance.

Contract management 

Every construction company has different contractual requirements. Some bill by a fixed price, time and materials, lump sum, progress-based or value-based. Our solution adapts to the needs  offer true contract management and has the capability to manage variations, changes, retentions and flexible contract structures like bill of quantities and flexible methods of measuring progress.

Digital asset life cycle journey

There is a strong trend toward digital life cycle management. Your ERP solution should be able to integrate and make use of data about the asset in all of the life cycle stages, from the design, construction, commissioning, operation, maintenance, and eventual decommissioning and replacement.


Part of digitalization is moving away from a heavy document-driven world to a digital data-driven world. With Buidling information modeling (BIM) the end goals is better information management of an asset throughout it's entire life cycle. Our ERP solution has the right structure and flexibility to allow BIM model data to be integrated to the project and asset lifecycle processes. BIM is not only used for buildings, but can also be used for installations, infrastructure or any other capital asset.

Modular / offsite construction 

The use of modular and offsite construction is expected to rise in the coming years. Not surprisingly so, there are many benefits to either modular or offsite construction. It allows you to use your staff more efficiently than with distributed construction sites and deliver projects faster and with better quality than completing a large portion of the work on site. Our solution is designed to be flexible and offers everything from lean approaches to inventory, tractability, scheduling and machinery and asset management. 

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