Industry-specific solutions and functionality that meet the requirements of Food and beverage businesses.

The food and beverage industry is continuously evolving when it comes to consumer choice and expectation. Being flexible is essential in order to meet and exceed consumer demand for high quality products and healthier and more sustainable alternatives. Moreover, increasing regulations on traceability, certification, labelling and quality checks also require exceptional production standards. With IFS Applications™ we enable you to meet your company's business goals and requirements like lot/batch traceability, recipe management, hazard analysis and critical control points (HAACP), and direct store delivery (DSD). 

  • Multi-site, multi-business, multi-lingual operations
  • Forward and backward traceability with shelf life and expiry control
  • Supply chain visibility
  • Advanced demand planning and forecasting
  • Multiple manufacturing modes

Food and Beverage ERP

IFS Applications gives a comprehensive view of your supply chain and manufacturing business. The unique component based architecture allows for both a broad scope yet deep functionality and configurability to ensure that you can meet the needs of the food and beverage market. Industry related features include:

Recipe management

Unlike some software packages, IFS Applications™ offers true recipe and formula functionality. Because with increasing complexity and variation in raw ingredients, recipes and packaging it can be challenging to maintain product consistency. We therefore support critical business processes such as: catch weight, multiple units of measure, recipe management, quality management, quality assurance, sequencing of production and demand planning. Recipe management also include other powerful functionality such as: yield, revision control and alternates.

Manufacturing modes

Being able to quickly respond to market changes by switching manufacturing modes is essential and requires flexibility. We offer a wide range of production modes — process, make-to-stock, make-to-order, or a combination of these. Regardless of the complexity, IFS Applications simplifies the production process and is built to handle the requirements of all types of production environments, Ranging from fixed mode to mixed-mode and from a single site to multisite.

Pukka Pies Implements Food Factory Management Software

Faced with the increasing challenges posed by food compliance and legislation and meeting customer demand, British food  manufacturer Pukka Pies has implemented IFS to improve efficiency on the shop floor as well as financials, sales, purchasing and production recording. 

With IFS’s food safety & management software, Andy Wormald, Business Systems & Process Manager explains how Pukka Pies has achieved:

  • 10% increase in business growth
  • Traceability and quality assurance of product
  • 30% increase in workforce capacity
  • Better visibility of data
  • Reduced manual data entry 


Health, quality and safety

Food safety is a remains a growing concern. It is essential to have the necessary tools and measures in place to ensure food safety. IFS Applications allowes you to easily trace quality issues to specific lots and batches, helping you to comply with food laws and regulations and avoid product recalls.

Iot batch Traceability

Tracability is one of the biggest reasons to implement a software solution and understandably so, the ramifications of recalls in terms of costs and penalties can be catastrophic. With forward and backward tracability you gain complete confidence in the accuracy and traceability of your products.


IFS Applications enables you to quickly analyse and spot problems areas proactively deal with them. We offer integrated HACCP and quality control to support various audits such as: BRC, EFSIS, FDA and UDSA.

Accurate demand planning

Businesses in the Food and Beverage industry must be prepared to change. Seasonality in this industry requires businesses to make accurate demand forecasts. Having the agility and planning tools such as demand planning functionality is particularly useful when managing seasonality, maintaining correct inventory levels and creating sales forecasts.

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