Enterprise Asset Management

With our enterprise asset management solution, we help companies all over the world increase availability, productivity and profitability.  Turning challenges into opportunities. And opportunities into profits. Our solution supports your complete asset management lifecycle. You can easily get access to metrics such as the current state of assets, their condition and maintenance history. You can also choose to extend your EAM system to support other business processes like project execution, project financial control, HR, purchasing, risk management and document management. With our long experience of asset-intensive industries like yours, we know what functionality you need to get the most value out of your assets.

Features that maximize the efficiency of your assets

Asset Lifecycle Management

Our one of a kind enterprise asset management solution has a wide scope of functionality to support every single process of the asset lifecycle. Thanks to the deep project management capabilities that is embedded in our solution, we can easily manage all the stages of an asset lifecycle, from design to engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning, operations, maintenance, refit or decommissioning. This not only applies to new assets, but also assets moving through a refurbishment program. Our goals is to enable you to get the most value out of your assets, regardless of whether that is during or after its productive lifecycle. 

Asset Performance Management

In order to improve your Asset Performance Management and to benefit from innovations like IoT and Artificial Intelligence, you need as solid EAM foundation. That is why our approach to APM is to first make sure that routine tasks can be done consistently and effortlessly, whether that is reporting a task on a mobile device or updating an asset structure. Once a strong foundation is embedded in the organization, it is much easier to add initiative from which you can derive real value from. For example, data collection from machines, sensors and devices that use IoT or AI can be used to perform predictive maintenance and service across complex, distributed machines and assets. This data can then also be pulled in a structured failure management routine that identifies and diagnoses equipment casualties and in some cases warns of an imminent failure within a certain timeframe. Our EPM system goes beyond simple calendar- or usage-based maintenance intervals but leverages IoT and AI to provide your with a truly predictive maintenance system that will dramatically increase uptime.

Asset Investment Planning

When your valuable assets reach the end of their working life, they might need to get replaced, refurbished, scrapped or renewed. Determining what needs to happen to your assets and in which order can be a challenging activity. In order to ensure that funding and investments are used in the best possible way and directed towards right assets, organizations need factor in various types of information, such as the current state of the assets, remaining life, condition, maintenance history, and more. With our Enterprise Operational Intelligence (EOI) solution we provide you with a complete enterprise wide, top down perspective of processes and performance. Not only will it assist you in developing a strategic plan of Asset Investment, but all your asset management planning and operations are combined in a single solution. Our solutions are designed to give you complete control and insight into your business and assets, so you can make the right decisions at the right time.


In asset management, it is essential to be able to access the right information whenever and wherever you need it. And, like with any system, it is important to focus on the usability and to make sure that your users don’t need special skills to execute daily tasks like reporting. With our easy-to-use interface and Google-like search engine, using our system is as easy as browsing the internet. Some of the functionality we include to further enhance the usability and productivity of our system include data collection tools, web clients, Gantt charts, mobile solutions and a customizable entry point called IFS Lobby™. With IFS Lobby™ you get quick insight and visiability of key metrics in a single view across all levels of the enterprise, you also have the right data at the right time which increases your operational agility.


Having good mobile access to enterprise software is a factor and determinant in the readiness and adoption of digital transformation. With our mobility solutions, you can capture work orders, create fault reports, perform PM routes, and report time, spare parts and measurements on equipment—wherever you are. Your employees can easily use our enterprise software from a mobile device and connect into core business processes, even if they are not sitting at their desk. Take advantage of the latest technology and start going mobile. Now is the time to start increasing your operational efficiency and business agility.

Eqeep as your partner in digital transformation

“We help companies increase their competitive advantage, by analyzing, organizing and simplifying their value chain through digital transformation. With our customer and solution focused approach we enable our customers to achieve their business goals.”


Why people and companies choose for us

At Eqeep we pride ourselves on maintaining a close customer relationship, its what our company is built upon. Together with our customers we face business and industry challenges and only settle for the best possible results. Our powerful software solutions give our customers the flexibility and power to take control of their business processes. Throughout the entire implementation process our expert consultants support your organization, whether it be operational or strategic.

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Flamingo flowers
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