Dynamic Routing Software
that provides 

Solutions efficiently


Plan 20% More Deliveries

Increase Efficiency by 30%

Reduce Fuel Costs by 10-15%

Tracking & Routing

WorkWave Route Manager helps routing companies across the globe streamline operational chaos to achieve new heights of success. Businesses are able to get up and running quickly, automate redundant processes, and instantaneously optimize routes with our route planning software.

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Save Hours & Automate Cumbersome Tasks

Boost Customer Retention & Satisfaction

Increase Profitability with Your Existing Resources

Create Profiles

Easily generate your depots & vehicles

Setting up your profile(s) and getting started with Route Manager is quick and easy. You can setup and fully configure your profile by adding your drivers, vehicles, defining your working zones and adding criteria to match your business needs. You can simply edit your profile afterwards whenever your business needs change.

Manage Orders

Quick and easy import

Adding or importing orders is fast and efficient, Route Manager seamlessly integrates your orders automatically through powerful API technology from outside sources. You can also choose to manually add your orders by importing excel and CSV or add them yourself.

Plan Routes

Build, Review, Adjust & Approve Routes

Gone are the days of spending valuable time planning your routes, not to mention taking account of last minute changes and requests. With Route Manager your routes are planned and optimized ensuring you have the best and most effective routes based on your work orders and pre-defined business rules. You can add last minute orders, make changes or re-assign tasks whenever you need to, you will always have the best possible routes, saving you time and money.

Dispatch to Mobile

Dispatch Routes to Drivers’ Mobile Devices

Provide your drivers and technicians with accurate and up to date information on their mobile devices, ensuring your drivers will always have the most recent schedules. You can also gain real-time visibility in your fleet and operations and obtain proofs of delivery like signatures, notes, pictures and more.

Arrivals & Departures

Receive Update from Drivers

Exceed your customers' expectations by delivering a consistent experience with the use of auto check-in/out geo-fences and real-time ETA's allowing you to keep your customers informed about important information about their order through notifications

Track via GPS

Constant visibility into vehicle locations

Get real-time visibility into the locations of your fleet through the use of GPS tracking with Route Manager 360. You can access the location history and reports with a few clicks in a simple to use interface. Route Manager 360 allows you to protect your drivers and assets by giving you insights into driver behavior such as braking, acceleration, speeding.

Send Updates

Send Route Changes to Drivers

Informing your customer about the order status and changes not only benefits the your customer, but also reduces the risk of unsuccessful deliveries due to their absence. With automated notifications and a live tracking link you can offer your customers transparency so they know when their package is arriving.

Measure Analytics

Transparency Into Business Performance

In order to improve the bottom line, successful companies use business tools to show them where productivity improvements can be made. Route Manager's Analytics Dashboard gives you the right information about your asset and order data so you can make informed decisions. You can view vehicle time and load, total number of violations on time window commitments, order distribution and more.

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