Digital Transformation The right way to approach it

Many companies believe they are undergoing digital transformation, however, only a few companies know what it actually means. Understanding digital transformation is not a complex process, it starts with understanding your business and identifying opportunities and priorities. Digital transformation is about having a technology strategy, not just for the whole enterprise, but for each component of your business. That’s why we look at your enterprise holistically and have designed our solutions and technologies to be agile and flexible to not only solve current challenges, but to prepared for future ones. For businesses operating in the service industry it means having having a strong Field Service Management solution that fully supports your organizations’s transformation and anticipates and identifies service needs before they even occur with IoT and AR capabilities. Not only will you turn your service into a profitable revenue stream, but you will also increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by doing so.

A transparent supply chain Clarity from farm to fork

Food and beverages industry is on a tractability mission to enhance food safety, minimize waste and embrace sustainability. This effort is being driven strongly by Eco and environmental conscious consumers today. Modern consumers want to know the story behind the products they purchase “from farm to fork”. Healthy and nutritious food is no longer the only reason why a product is being purchased, but also the ethical grounds in which it was manufactured and produced. Therefore, tractability and transparency within the supply chain and manufacturing processes come into place as a crucial role for food and beverages manufacturers. Our ERP solution for the food and beverage industry is designed with these challenges and needs in mind.

Business Value Engineering Our approach to maximum value

Although business value engineering is a common term in the industry, we at Eqeep approch it in a unique way. Our approach ensures that what we deliver creates maximum financial value for our customers. Our starting point is making sure we have the same vision and understanding so that a clear road map to success can be defined. This process requires a close co-operation between parties and is more than setting up a business case. It’s about what processes and steps we take together with our customers that ultimately get us to the desired business case. Our knowledge and experience in multiple industries coupled with our customer centric and solution focused approach ensures maximum value achieved in a shorter amount of time.