Planning and Scheduling Optimization

Our powerful AI-driven Planning & Scheduling Optimization solution enables service organizations to reduce costs, increase profits and provide excellent customer service. Today’s customers have high service level expectations and expect value from their products, equipment, support, and other services they have purchased. With PSO you can differentiate yourself from the competition by providing faster, smoother, and more efficient service delivery. Not only will be able to meet service level agreements, but you will make a significant impact on the company’s brand perception and financial results. Service delivery performance must be part of your organization objectives to retain customer loyalty, repeat purchasing and a positive word of mouth reputation.

  • Powerful AI driven optimization engine
  • Travel time and routing optimization
  • Real time appointment booking
  • Target based scheduling
  • Reporting and Analytics

Features that maximize the efficiency of your assets

Dynamic Scheduling Engine

PSO uses a dynamic scheduling engine that runs on advanced mathematics and algorithms to solve highly complex scheduling problems while taking predefined constraints into account. From a practical business perspective, the engine continuously ensures the most optimal and efficient operations by taking into account resources, SLAs, parts, technician skills, activities, schedules and the relationship between them. PSO offers full flexibility in defining company policies and objectives. Enhance your competitive advantage and deliver service excellence by meeting demanding service level agreements and ensuring consistent and reliable service.

Real-Time Optimization

Plans in real life are rarely static, but generally require adjustments throughout the day. It's not hard to see why making schedules can be a daunting task, imagine what happens to your perfectly optimized plan when customers cancel, appointments run over or parts need to be allocated in a different way. This is where PSO's powerful AI engine really shines. While some systems have to make calculations overnight, PSO responds within minutes with seamless adjustments and takes into account different business and AI driven rules and restrictions.

"What-if" Scenario forecasting

The business environment can change quite drastically overnight and so can your business needs. Our What-if Scenario Planning software helps you plan, prepare, and forecast changes to make the adjustments where needed so you can save both time and money. For example, what if you expect a surge in appointments? With PSO you can run a variety of models to make sure you will not be understaffed and are connected to the tools to leverage contingent labour. Other examples that you can test for would be reductions or increases in your labour pool, back office restructuring, new clients and regions, and travel restrictions, to name a few.

Eqeep as your partner in digital transformation

“We help companies increase their competitive advantage, by analyzing, organizing and simplifying their value chain through digital transformation. With our customer and solution focused approach we enable our customers to achieve their business goals.”


Why people and companies choose for us

At Eqeep we pride ourselves on maintaining a close customer relationship, its what our company is built upon. Together with our customers we face business and industry challenges and only settle for the best possible results. Our powerful software solutions give our customers the flexibility and power to take control of their business processes. Throughout the entire implementation process our expert consultants support your organization, whether it be operational or strategic.

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Optronica – Eqeep

Optronica Service BV is an independent service organization which focuses on ophthalmic equipment, among which lasers, microscopes and diagnostic equipment. Optronica faced the challenge on maintaining medical equipment in accordance to the strict guidelines on the usage of medical devices from health care authorities. Optronica chose IFS Application as its ultimate solution.
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Flamingo Flowers – Eqeep

Flamingo Flowers is a supplier in the UK retail and started to focus on the rest of Europe. It is a large-scale ornamental plant company and supplies flowers. Flamingo Flowers was established in 2004 as part of the wider Flamingo Horticulture group, they directly source from Kenya and South Africa.
Flamingo flowers
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Applikon Biotechnology – Eqeep

Applikon Biotechnology is a Dutch manufacturer of bioreactor systems. It develops, produces and supplies systems for both research and manufacturing purposes. As a fast-growing company, it is facing an increase in market wishes and requests. Which and what type of people can support key- and end-users? And how would these requests be handled?
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Emergya Wind Technologies (EWT) – Eqeep

Emergya is a global oriented company that designs and produces wind turbines. It was using IFS Applications, version 8.2 for several years until aninvolvement of the user community within the company. The configured functionality of IFS Applications was not used as intended until the company decided to take another approach to optimize IFS Applications.
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