Why manufactureres need to unshackle from outdated ERP
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Manage and develop your product from design through manufacturing and distribution

The production of high-tech products means meeting highly standards. These products could be designed internally or manufactured to a customer's drawings. Both methods may require a project to manage and develop the product from the design phase through manufacturing and distribution.
Advanced Scheduling Techniques
Integrated Project Management
Operational Intelligence
Integraded Quality Management & Document Management
Manufacturing Strategy
Product Development
Project Management
Supply Chain
Sales and Service

Stay competitive and meet market expectations

To stay competitive and meet market expectations in a global economy, both domestic and foreign companies must realign their manufacturing processes, make improvements and increase their manufacturing capabilities. When developing a manufacturing strategy, it is efficient to have the following features on hand and up to date at all times.


  • Project Manufacturing
  • Make To Order
  • Make To Stock
  • Engineer to Order
  • Assembly To Order
  • Lean Manufacturing

Always innovative and up-to-date

High-Tech companies are constantly adapting their products and services so that they are always the most innovative and have the latest technology. Therefore it is good to include at least the following features in your business applications so that you always stay innovative.


  • CAD Connectors
  • Costing / Pricing
  • Product Estimating
  • Product Development
  • New Product Introduction
  • Manufacturing Engineering

Manage your projects from start to finish

Producing high tech products require many steps. From design to production and distribution. To manage these steps efficiently and effectively, project management in the high tech industry is important. Amongst others the following features that we offer support you in this process.  


  • Progress
  • Estimating
  • Project Planning
  • Resource Planning
  • Project Accounting
  • Work Breakdown Structure

Time is money

Optimization opportunities within the supply chain have an important role to play in rapidly developing industrial sectors. After all, "time is money." A poorly organized supply chain leads to delays, dissatisfied customers and high follow-up costs. We offer you the right features to organize your supply chain as efficiently as possible.


  • Procurement
  • Multisite Planning
  • Capacity Management
  • Sales & Operation Planning
  • Master Planning & Simulation

Understand your customer everywhere and always

In order to always understand your customer and provide the right service, it is necessary to streamline everything about sales, marketing and service in order to be responsive to their needs. We offer you the tools to make everything around sales, marketing and service transparent.


  • Sales & Marketing
  • Sales & Delivery
  • Sales Service
  • Customer Analytics
  • Collaborative Forecasting
  • Outcome Based Offering
IFS Sales Contract

Trends to watch out for in the high tech industry

Process automation and virtualization

By 2025, more than 50 billion devices will be connected to the IIoT, generating 79.4 zettabytes of data annually. This trend will impact the High-Tech industry.

The future of connectivity

This trend combines fifth-generation (5G) broadband mobile networks and the Internet of Things (IoT) to enable faster connectivity over longer distances.

Applied AI

This trend uses AI algorithms to train machines to recognize patterns and to interpret and act on those patterns, helping computers understand real-world data.

Next-generation materials

Next-generation materials such as graphene and 2D materials, nanomaterials and a range of smart, responsive and lightweight materials provide new functionality and improved performance.

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Solutions to stay ahead in your industry

Tackle any industry challenge with our solutions. They are ready to use out-of-the-box and help you integrated your processes across your business to create a single source of truth.

Case study

Why the manufacturer of bioreactor systems selects Eqeep’s ERP software solutions

Applikon Biotechnology is a Dutch manufacturer of bioreactor systems. The company develops, produces and supplies systems for both research and productional purposes. The organization excels in providing reliable service and support and is known for bringing new technologies to the market. These new technologies offer process efficiency benefits for research and development objectives, as well as pilot processes.
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