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Plan and Optimize your Field Service workforce

Today’s customers have high service level expectations and expect value from their products, equipment, support, and other services they have purchased. With intelligent Planning, Scheduling & Optimization software you can differentiate yourself from the competition by providing faster, smoother, and more efficient service delivery.

Using our scheduling software you can:

Reduce travel time by 35%
Lower average cost per job by 76%
Optimize technicians-dispatchers ratio

Intelligent scheduling and optimization

Tackle complex scheduling problems while adhering to predefined constraints in the most efficient way. By taking into account resources, SLAs, parts, technician skills, activities, schedules and the relationships between them, the optimization engine always delivers the most efficient operations.
Define restrictions, policies and objectives
Easy API integration with existing systems
Real-time optimization of plans and schedules

Automation to drive efficiency

Save time and resources with the Workflow Designer to map out process automation steps - all without the need of a developer. Simply configure the workflow automation in a visual way.
Powerful AI driven optimization engine
Real-time scheduling of field resources
Reports & analytics for field service visibility

All the capabilities you need

IFS PSO is part of the larger IFS Field Service Management and IFS Cloud solution stack. Both these components as well as third-party software can be combined with IFS PSO to form a powerful tool.
The Scheduling Engine
Optimized travel and routing
Appointment booking
'What if Scenario Explorer'
Reporting and Analytics

Dynamic Scheduling Engine™

The engine solves extremely large scheduling problems overlaid with multiple business-defined constraints—for example skills, SLAs, parts requirements—to deliver highly optimized plans within seconds.
  • Higher service margins
  • Real-time scheduling for just-in-time decisions

Travel time and routing optimization

To ensure that your travel plans are both realistic and reliable, IFS PSO provides incredibly accurate travel time estimates based on real road networks and actual travel times.
  • Location geocoding
  • Turn-by-turn street-level routing
  • Conditions (traffic etc.)

Appointment booking - done right

The appointment booking engine in PSO also takes into account other types of jobs (including break/fix and scheduled preventive maintenance), without compromising the flexibility and efficiency of available resources.

Cut risk and build long-term profitability

With IFS WISE, you can plan how many employees you need, what skills are required, and where they should be deployed for best results; calculate the KPIs they are expected to achieve; and plan your operations accordingly
  • Accurate bidding costs
  • Optimize workforce
  • Improve SLA rates

Action-ready performance insights

Monitoring and gaining actionable insights in a dynamic environment can be challenging. Some users want reporting and insight in real-time, while others want to examine data and trends over longer periods of time. IFS PSO adapts insights to the needs of different user groups.

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