Service Management

Our market leading service management solutions contains extensive service and asset management capabilities with all of the benefits of a comprehensive ERP solution. Whether you’re an independent supplier, whether you work within a service function in a large corporation, or whether you provide basic services or huge, complex service projects, our enterprise service management application offers service-centric ERP. And as the solution is component-based, you can add functionality as your operational needs require. We cover all the needs of companies that regard service as a profit center and core competency. Added to service management standards (call handling, contract management, field service etc.) are solutions that help you manage projects, installed base assets, documentation, and parts in a single integrated solution. In addition, support for core functions across the business such as financials, supply chain, procurement and manufacturing mean that your entire operation can be managed in a single, fully integrated enterprise-wide system.

  • Cost reduction
  • Better time management

Industry leading service management solutions

Planning & Scheduling optimization (PSO)

Today, optimal service delivery performance must be part of any organization’s key objectives if they want to retain customer loyalty, repeat purchasing and a positive word-of-mouth reputation. Our dynamic Planning & Scheduling Optimization (PSO) software helps organizations better manage their field resources resulting in improved customer satisfaction, increased productivity and better adherence to customer commitments. Using AI and a range of sophisticated algorithms the dynamic scheduling engine solves extremely large scheduling problems with multiple constraints in seconds. The system continuously analyzes real-time data, considering a huge number of parameters including job location, traffic, technician availability and skills, the parts and tools they are carrying, interdependent tasks, SLAs and the relative value of each job. At its core, our software enables businesses to increase profit, reduce costs and ensure service level agreement (SLA) compliance

Planning & Scheduling Optimization

Field service management (FSM)

Field Service Management (FSM) has always been complicated—and expectations are always rising.  Operations are increasingly multifaceted, with the growing use of sensors generating data in unprecedented volumes, offering new possibilities for our service processes and business models. Customers also want to engage more, on their own terms, and expect to do that using the device and channel that suits them, with wide-ranging self-service options. Our best-in-class Field Service  Management solution helps you join the dots and covers the entire, end-to-end service life cycle so you can deliver exceptional service to every customer, every time.  Using data-driven smart management and optimizing all processes and customer interactions, our FSM software lets you maximize operational efficiency, increase revenue, reduce costs and achieve exceptional customer satisfaction. Combining powerful real-time reporting and embedded IoT capabilities, we offer the most complete connected field service software on the market.  It is a stand alone solution that can be used with the rest of the IFS suite of business solutions, or used on its own by companies using other ERP/CRM solutions including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Infor, Salesforce, and others. 

Field Service Management

Mobile field service


Mobile is one of the most critical elements of the field service process. It is
the tool that field engineers use every minute of every working day. This why we have focused on mobile application over the recent years. Our layered architecture enables updates to be deployed in a seamless manner,
which lowers risk and provides customers access to new innovations early. At
IFS, we want to further innovate and eradicate the need for customizations by
continuing to enhance our core offering and by providing unrivaled capability
and tooling to configure the solution to your needs. You can now empower your field teams by giving them an easy to use, easy to learn system that works on any device and provides powerful functionality such as: locating parts, placing orders, employee collaboration and providing quotations to empower field technicians. Our enhanced synchronization engine to ensure technicians can work regardless of connectivity. 

Customer engagement

Customers don’t expect to wait in call queues to speak to someone about their
queries—they expect to have the freedom and the tools to track their orders, resolve their problems and view the information they care about themselves.
IFS Customer Engagement™ solutions augment customer service, with capabilities including voice self-service, digital self-service and a contact center agent desktop, as well as a full, Omni-channel contact center that includes interactive voice response, call recording, automated routing and queue management. Benefit from the most complete FSM suite available. Automate call handling and priority-based routing, and offer voice-based and digital customer self-service for support, orders and requests.

Reverse logistics

Reverse logistics is one of the most demanding business disciplines and is becoming a more central part of the business model and is more important for revenue generation than ever before. Companies still face challenges and gaps in their reverse logistics processes. We take into account the entire reverse logistics value chain and make sure to streamline all the steps in order to improve customer satisfaction and ensure profitable service operations. We help you manage all reverse logistics business processes from Return Material Authorizations (RMA) for advance exchange and repair return to receiving, routing, repairing, packaging, shipping and billing. With our software you have 100% visibility into your service repair process, the ability to track items, get automated alerts, manage your entire spare parts inventory and field locations. With good reverse logistics software you can also enjoy better warranty and contract management, and faster, more automated invoicing.

Eqeep as your partner in digital transformation

“We help companies increase their competitive advantage, by analyzing, organizing and simplifying their value chain through digital transformation. With our customer and solution focused approach we enable our customers to achieve their business goals.”


Why people and companies choose for us

At Eqeep we pride ourselves on maintaining a close customer relationship, its what our company is built upon. Together with our customers we face business and industry challenges and only settle for the best possible results. Our powerful software solutions give our customers the flexibility and power to take control of their business processes. Throughout the entire implementation process our expert consultants support your organization, whether it be operational or strategic.

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Optronica – Eqeep

Optronica Service BV is an independent service organization which focuses on ophthalmic equipment, among which lasers, microscopes and diagnostic equipment. Optronica faced the challenge on maintaining medical equipment in accordance to the strict guidelines on the usage of medical devices from health care authorities. Optronica chose IFS Application as its ultimate solution.
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Flamingo Flowers – Eqeep

Flamingo Flowers is a supplier in the UK retail and started to focus on the rest of Europe. It is a large-scale ornamental plant company and supplies flowers. Flamingo Flowers was established in 2004 as part of the wider Flamingo Horticulture group, they directly source from Kenya and South Africa.
Flamingo flowers
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Applikon Biotechnology – Eqeep

Applikon Biotechnology is a Dutch manufacturer of bioreactor systems. It develops, produces and supplies systems for both research and manufacturing purposes. As a fast-growing company, it is facing an increase in market wishes and requests. Which and what type of people can support key- and end-users? And how would these requests be handled?
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Emergya Wind Technologies (EWT) – Eqeep

Emergya is a global oriented company that designs and produces wind turbines. It was using IFS Applications, version 8.2 for several years until aninvolvement of the user community within the company. The configured functionality of IFS Applications was not used as intended until the company decided to take another approach to optimize IFS Applications.
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